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I'm new both here and to Django, and I have a doubt about custom fields: I'm using custom models in my admin, but I would like to change the label that shows on the tabular inline.

My model is like this:

    name = Model.charField(80)

    modelA = ModelA

then in my admin I use:

def name_modelA(self):
    return ("%s" %

class ModelBInlne(TabularInline):

thing is, on the admin page the label for the name comes out "name_modelA", I'd like to change it to "name". Is it possible?

Hope I was clear enough.

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I guess you will get what you want with verbose field names? That controls the label for editable fields in the admin interface.

For the tabular interface, I'd say something along the following lines should do:

class ModelAInline(TabularInline):
    model = ModelA

class ModelAAdmin(ModelAdmin):
    inlines = [ ModelAInline, ]

This makes your ModelA editable inline. I'm not exactly sure how you would like to have it displayed in your ModelB, but perhaps you could look through the ModelAdmin docs and use something from there?

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I don't think I was clear enough: I have a ModelBInline in a third model (ModelC). I need the label of the name_modelA field (in the modelB inline) to display only "name". Just like verbose_name, but for a custom field – Carlos Futino Nov 11 '11 at 22:10
I don't really see a definition for your field anywhere, but if you've created it yourself you can set the verbose name in the constructor. See here, for example. In the __init__ you could then set the name property to your liking. – jro Nov 14 '11 at 7:17

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