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I have a logger class that needs to write strings to file. So, I have a method like so:

def write_to_file(self, string):

Note that error handling has been edited out. Clearly I want to test this without writing to a file. Thus mocks via Mock. I have seen this which explains how to mock open but it does not help me here -- I open the file_handle in __init__. Now, I can do that in setUp() but the mock_open seems to go out of scope after setUp and thus is of no use in the test case.

How would you write a test method to test the write_to_file method using Mock?

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I reached here from google, only to realize after a while that this has been builtin in mock since 1.0 using mock_open: http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/mock/helpers.html#mock.mock_open

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Good catch! Thank you. –  Sardathrion Sep 12 '13 at 10:58

I would start with the ability to change __file_handle in the __init__. As if you replace this with any mock / fake object that has the .write signature you can test what is written to it.

Maybe by creating a method that sets up the __file_handle and then overwriting the method for this test?

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That is one way. But it should be possible to mock .write() as well. –  Sardathrion Nov 11 '11 at 15:17

Simple really...

from mock import patch

def setUp(self):
    mock_file_handle = Mock()
    with patch('__builtin__.open') as mock_file_handle:
        self.sut = Logger()

def test_write(self):

If anyone has a better solution, please let me know...

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