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Hi I have this piece of code and wanted to echo "</dd>\n", chr(20); with only 20 characters or whatever i choose. Where am i going wrong?


class newsStory{
    var $title="";
    var $link="";
    var $description="";
    var $pubdate="";

    function show(){
                echo "<dt><a href=\"$this->link\">$this->title</a></dt>\n";
                echo "<dt>$this->title</a></dt>\n";
            echo "<dd>";
                echo "<i>$this->pubdate</i> - ";
                echo "$this->description";
            echo "</dd>\n", chr(20);
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What is going wrong? What doesn't work? You should enclose all your $this->property inside {} within double-quoted strings: echo "<i>{$this->pubdate}</i> - "; – Michael Berkowski Nov 11 '11 at 14:22
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chr() is used to display a character with the ASCII value given as the parameter. You're most likely looking to use substr() which will let you display part of the string (a substring).

$characterLimit = 20;
$the_string = "Whatever string it is you're wanting to display in a shortened version.";
echo "</dd>\n", substr($the_string, 0, $characterLimit);

should give you what you want.

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thanks working now – user968808 Nov 11 '11 at 14:41

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