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Is using Interceptors the only way for a mixin to interact with the calling class other mixins?

I'm looking to do something like below.


class speak
  void Greet()
  {  Console.WriteLine("Greetings! My Name is " + self.firstname); }

class person
  string firstname;

SpeakingPersonProxy = MixIn(person,speak);

SpeakingPersonProxy.firstname = "Noneya"
SpeakingPersonProxy.Greet()  //produces Greetings! My name is Noneya

self.firstname(or something like it) would somehow point to class using greet, instead of the speak class. Ruby has a similar concept, which makes sense for a dynamic language. Was wondering how to achieve this in DynamicProxy.

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There's nothing built in, but what's stopping you from:

SpeakingPersonProxy = MixIn(person,speak);
speak.Person = person;

so in other words, if the speak hsa to know about its target, be explicit.

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