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I have a script in my project's bin directory, and I want to execute it from a cron. Both scripts are written in python.

Target file :


Want to execute script_name script with some parameters from App_directory/cron/script_name1.py

How do I achieve that ?

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It works for me...

import subprocess

process = subprocess.Popen('script_name')
print process.communicate()
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The subprocess module is much better than using os.system. Just do:

import subprocess

The subprocess.call function returns the returncode (exit status) of the script.

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import os

Or if script_name is not executable and/or doesn't have the shabang (#!/usr/bin/env python):

import os
os.system('python /path/to/App_directory/bin/script_name')
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I have shabang #! /usr/bin/env python in script_name file –  akshay Nov 11 '11 at 14:37
-1: Please use subprocess. See this: docs.python.org/library/subprocess.html#replacing-os-system. –  S.Lott Nov 11 '11 at 15:16
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