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I am using jQuery datatables plugin with paging,sorting. There is more than one page of data presented to user. Datatables data is periodically refreshed with ajax json datasource.

I select row from database and after a while value for that row changes,since there is paging because of sorting selected row might slip to other page and become invisible to user unless he scrolls to page where his entry is.

I tried with fnGetPosition() but it only shows me position of tr in aaData source.

Question is how to get row position in datatable after sorting so i can switch to appropriate page where selected entry is marked

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Some code and html samples of the problem would be helpful. –  JohnFx Nov 11 '11 at 14:53

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fnSettings() has attribute called aiDisplayMaster which contains array of fnGetPosition()[0] values, i managed to use that to work it out.

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