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I am a PHP developer trying to solve a problem in ASP/ (.aspx). We have a very old application that is having many security issues (on multiple pages, everywhere, big mess).

To solve this problem, I was thinking on adding some code to the top of every page to escape any POST/GET request before getting it processed by the application.

If it was PHP, I would prepend a PHP file (using .htaccess - auto_preppend) and basically do:

foreach($_POST as $myval => $anything)
    $_POST[$myval] = htmlspecialchars($_POST[$myval]);
    .. other escaping ..

Is there such a thing in ASP? Just want to escape any user input before passing to that mess of code that nobody wants to touch :(

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Is this ASP or ASP.NET? Different beasts entirely. If you're using .NET you could use something like:

in VB

For Each item In Request.Form.Keys
    newVal = Server.HtmlEncode(Request.Form(item))

or C#

foreach (var item in Request.Form.Keys) {
    var newVal = Server.HtmlEncode(Request.Form(item));
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Sorry, yes, it is (.aspx) pages. I am not very familiar with the Microsoft platform at all :( So the HTMLEncode == htmlspecialchars in PHP? – John smith - optional Nov 11 '11 at 15:53
Yep, pretty much the same thing. Docs here: – Ira Rainey Nov 11 '11 at 16:00

From an individual control perspective, this might help: Prevent special characters in a TextBox

If you are wanting to protect your entire form from script-injection attacks then take a look at RequestValidation:

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