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I need to build a student record system in java that doesn't relying on a database to achieve the record keeping. The system must allow for the creation, deletion and editing I would like advice on how to best attempt this program. I would also like advice which would be easier graphical or text based with this system?

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Now that is generic... Mostly, first doing the text interface and then the graphical is easier. If you do not give more specifications, it will be incredibly hard to help you. We can give you advice on data structures and bindings, but we can not design the program for you. –  stellerator Nov 11 '11 at 15:40
A student record system is a quite broad question. And regarding easiest; it depends on how advanced it should be and a lot of other factors including your experiance. And most important, what are your thoughts on how to solve this? –  Marcus Nov 11 '11 at 15:40
you DON'T want the program rely on a database. So should the data only be avaliable during program runtime? –  juergen d Nov 11 '11 at 15:41
Give us better explanation of problem. Do you want to record only general information about student or you want to keep informations about passed exams, etc. –  Иван Бишевац Nov 11 '11 at 15:43
Abstract questions are still valid questions. The only difference is that you need to answer them with abstract answers. –  Edwin Buck Nov 11 '11 at 15:52

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A database is a general term for "where the data is kept". Even if you store the information in files and don't use an off-the-shelf relational database (like Oracle, MSSQL, Postgresql, or MySQL), your file will be "the database".

Assuming you use a file database, your program will probably read the file when it starts, creating a collection of objects in memory. The "commands" will manipulate that collection of objects and mark the collection as "dirty" which only means that it changed and the changes needs to be saved back to the database.

Whether you use a graphical interface or a command line interface depends heavily on who is using the program. Generally, many users are not really comfortable using their computer in new ways, they learned GUI first, and they prefer other programs to look like the ones they are used to using. So if you were writing this program for the "real world", odds are good you would have to supply a GUI. However, this is for a class. In a programming class, the "other users" are really other programmers, and users who are programmers are very comfortable using a text based interface.

Text based interfaces are easier to write, but that doesn't matter to the users. You'll have to weigh the options and make that decision yourself. Is your "easier" supposed to be easier for you or the user? and what kind of users do you expect, experienced computer professionals or regular office workers?

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Text-based is always easier. You just System.out.println() your answer and you're done.

For a graphical approach you have to set-up panels and buttons/labels, catch their input and output to them. Even with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get GUI editor it's still more complicated than simply text output.

I guess this is for school/uni so I can guess how this is supposed to look in the end. But there's the question with what you're allowed to work. If they don't mind you using Java packages then the entire thing becomes pretty easy.

Just use a Linked List. Java has a standard implementation for that. A little info about how to use it can be found here or here.

So you just need a class with a LinkedList as a data field (attribute). Then just look at the documentation and see what methods you can use.

That's not the best or most efficient way to do it, but judging by the generality of the question and that it's homework I guess you haven't done as much in Java yet. So a solid approach is enough.

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For storage of student information, you can use Ms-Excel as sort of database.

If you don't want to store any sort of data then you can show the info on submit. After refresh, information will be cleared.

You can create graphical interface for creating, deleting and editing the records. This makes more look and feel.

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if it's a homework, i'll recommend try to use the skills you've learnt in the lessons. for example you might learn inverted index which increase the efficiency on the searching, some sorting algorithms for ranking, some data structures for data manipulation.

i don't know the marking scheme so i could not have a good suggestion on the scores on text based or graphical interface, but sure the text based is the basic interface which is easier than other interfaces.

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With out using a database, or an excel sheet, you cannot persist values. i.e you might loose all the value after restarting the system or JVM. For making a academic project, you can simply use text type application. where you can ask the user to enter some values and based on the values user entered, you can produce desired results for them .

You can do this by using an infinite while loop, so that the application keeps on running and for storing temporary values you need to use java Collections framework like lists, maps etc which would make the application easier. but you will loose all the data once the system is restarted or jvm is restarted.

Graphical interface would always be appealing to the user, users always get attracted to graphical kind of interfaces rather than a simple text based interfaces.

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