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When I put my boolean field in list_editable, it's icon change from the nice on/off icon to the legacy checkbox. Is there a way to keep the field editable with the nice icons ? I think I've already done this, but can't remember how...

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Use you own JavaScript to replace the checkbox with the appropriate image, and use click events to change the image and set the checkbox appropriately.


.hidden {


    var on_image = '/static/admin/img/admin/icon-yes.gif';
    var off_image = '/static/admin/img/admin/icon-no.gif';

        var $checkbox = $('.checkbox_field input');
        // Can't simply `hide()` as its value will not be posted
        var $img = $('<img/>');
        if ($checkbox.attr('checked')) {
            $img.attr('href', on_image);
            $img.attr('alt', 'On');
        } else {
            $img.attr('href', off_image);
            $img.attr('alt', 'Off');

            var $img = $(this);
            var $checkbox = $img.siblings('input');

            if ($img.attr('href') == on_image) {
                $img.attr('href', off_image);
                $img.attr('alt', 'Off');
                $checkbox.attr('checked', false);
            } else {
                $img.attr('href', on_image);
                $img.attr('alt', 'On');
                $checkbox.attr('checked', true);
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Thank you for the answer, which is usefull, but I really think there was a "django way" to do it, i'll post it if I find it back... –  Lapin-Blanc Nov 12 '11 at 10:24

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