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I'm loading html from an ajax request, and some img tags in it.

I need to know when the images loaded in the ajax are fully loaded to resize the container. I don't know how many images are in the result, so I can't simply check the .complete value.

Do you know a solution for this?

Thank you!


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If you're using jQuery, the $(window).load() command can set up a function to be called once all the images are loaded, as follows:

    function() {
        // weave your magic here.

If you're not using jQuery, I'd just do what I've done when I want a little bit of its functionality: download it and examine the source to see how it does it. Then do that :-)

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Well, the ajax loads the images when the user requests it. So it's a lot after that the content load. Is possible to use the .load() function in any element? maybe I could hook that event to the container. – Leandro Ardissone May 1 '09 at 0:28

XMLHTTPrequests have properties that you can use to determine when the load has completed. If you are using javascript directly, you would need to assign a function to the onreadystatechange event. This is called each time that the state changes. The states are stored in ReadyState and are: 0 Uninitiated 1 Loading 2 Loaded 3 Interactive 4 Complete

In your function you check that the status is 4 and call the other required functions

JQuery has events that tell you when certain things have occurred. View the AJAX Documentation

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Yes, but there's no event for when the images of the resultant ajax request are loaded. The .load() is the solution. Thanks anyway. – Leandro Ardissone May 1 '09 at 1:17

Ok, thanks to Pax, I've found the solution.

On the success event of the ajax request (using jQuery), I've added the following code:

$('img', this).load(function() {

Thanks both of you!

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