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I am using this page for authoring a silent installation using InstallShield 2012

How do I know that silent install is complete. is there a way to signal from InstallShield while doing a silent installation ? One way is to write an empty file saying 'Done' when installation is complete. But, I am sure there is a better way via the InstallShield itself.

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Why do you need this? The solution depends a lot on what you need to do with the check result. –  mrnx Nov 11 '11 at 18:08

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How are you calling to the installer ?

If you call it from another program you can check the result code, must be 0.

If you call it from console you can check int Setup.log file [ResponseResult], or you can write a simple batch file to write the result code to another file.

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If you are using Windows Console (CMD Prompt), then pass the install with appropriate arguments.

Ex:- If i need to install setup.msi silently and then need to know whether installation is complete or not, pass the following arguments in the CMD.

MSIEXEC /i setup.msi /qn+
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