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I want to have an easy customized DAILY calander view.
I have been looking for one but with no success...
Do you maybe know about one?
Thank you!

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Customized how? And are you referring to a built-in calendar app, or a custom one? – Clockwork-Muse Nov 11 '11 at 17:29
I want to be able to change the hours (instead 24, 10, like school hours), and to add events... As far as I know there isn't built-in calendar app... So I mean the custom one xD – Android Joker Nov 12 '11 at 0:05
I find it a little hard to believe that there isn't a calendar/organizer app on the phone. Besides which, wouldn't it be able to integerate with the google calendar that's part of GMail - or at the very least, access it on the web? Irregardless, I'm afraid this may be closed, as it doesn't appear to be a programming question (application request) - try AndroidEnthusiasts instead. – Clockwork-Muse Nov 12 '11 at 0:11
I didnt ask for an application... I asked for a view (like button, textbox,layout etc...) – Android Joker Nov 12 '11 at 14:54

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It is possible to make a table layout and with some textviews to get the same result...

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