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My settings are getting rather "robust". I don't want to re-invent a good human interface for them if someone has come up with guidelines already. I'm looking for how I should organize items like

  • enabling sharing, by service name (e.g., twitter, facebook, email,...)
  • keeping logged into services (see above)
  • localizaton preferences (other than automatically available configuration)
  • enabling which databases to use
  • user preference for button functionality (e.g., center on x or center on y)
  • filter preferences (e.g., show all / show only...)
  • terms of service
  • copyrights and credits

This list is getting long, and categories start to overlap. In short, it could become a mess for the user to navigate.

I'm using InAppShareKit, so the human interface can be more robust than the Apple Settings App provides.

Can someone recommend guidelines for this part of the human interface?

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remove options for "user preference for button functionality" and "enabling wich databases to use". These are technical questions and they are up to you. –  Sebastian Keller Nov 11 '11 at 18:58
@jurton -- Sorry mate, but I refer to it as robust, meaning rich and full-featured, and "robust" as overly rich and overly full-featured. –  Jim Nov 11 '11 at 19:18

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