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Is there an equivalent to the MATLAB function ordschur (documentation here) in R?

The function re-orders the Schur factorization X = U*T*U' produced by the schur function and returns the reordered Schur matrix TS and the cumulative orthogonal transformation US such that X = US*TS*US'. I am particularly interested in the 'lhp' method - also described in the MATLAB documentation link.

Note that there is a function Schur in the package Matrix (see CRAN documentation here ) R which performs the Schur decomposition and eigenvalues of a square matrix. Update: This function also returns the Unitary orthogonal matrix U.

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As far as I know MATLAB uses ?TRSEN function from LAPACK to perform reordering. You can look at some limited implementation here. In order to bring this functionality into R you can implement this routine by yourself.

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