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I don't know if anybody can help me, because I've search a lot without success.

On my DOS Terminal (XP) I send successfully those commands :

doskey CS=call smile.bat $*                 
CS arg1   

It works PERFECTLY !
Then I insert these commands in a new batch file :

@echo off                  
doskey CS=call smile.bat $*     
CS arg1     

Error returned : CS is an unknown command...

I do absolutely want to use aliases in my batch program, but I do not want to modify my Path nor my Reg, because it is just to use in the Batch itself. I want to find a solution, but I need any idea. Please if some one can help me with an example, it would be very useful.

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If you just want to call a Batch file via another name, then just define another Batch file (with the second name) that call the first one. For example

CS.bat file may have this line:

@call smile.bat %*

then, in the first Batch file:

call CS
call CS arg1

If this is enough for you, then you may even create the alias Batch file inside the first Batch file this way:

echo @call smile.bat %%*> CS.bat

I hope it helps...

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You cannot run a doskey macro from a batch program.

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