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I've looked through Magento forums and here on SO, but haven't come across the proper answer.

I simply need to replace the displayed normal price on product pages (and category pages also) with the lowest tier price.

Had the thought of replacing price.phtml ~ line 59:

$_price = $_taxHelper->getPrice($_product, $_product->getPrice())


$_price = $_tierPrices

(while declaring $_tierPrices = $this->getTierPrices above).

Any suggestions welcome.

Solved: found solution at:


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Found another method for this, which basically takes:

$_tierPrices = $this->getTierPrices();

...and splices the array to get the first tier.

$_firstTier = array_slice($_tierPrices, 0, 1);

Then you can just cycle through $_firstTier and grab the 'price' value:

$c = count($_firstTier);
for ($i = 0; $i < $c; $i++) {
    $_firstTierPrice = Mage::helper('core')->currency($_firstTier[$i]['price']);
echo $_firstTierPrice;
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