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I'm using the Firefox Addon SDK to build something that monitors and displays the HTTP traffic in the browser. Similar to HTTPFox or Live HTTP Headers. I am interested in identifying which tab in the browser (if any) generated the request

Using the observer-service I am monitoring for "http-on-examine-response" events. I have code like the following to identify the nsIDomWindow that generated the request:

const observer = require("observer-service"),
    {Ci} = require("chrome");

function getTabFromChannel(channel) {
    try {
        var noteCB= channel.notificationCallbacks ? channel.notificationCallbacks : channel.loadGroup.notificationCallbacks;

        if (!noteCB) { return null; }

        var domWin = noteCB.getInterface(Ci.nsIDOMWindow);
    } catch (e) {
        dump(e + "\n");
        return null;

function logHTTPTraffic(sub, data) {
    var ab = getTabFromChannel(sub);

observer.add("http-on-examine-response", logHTTPTraffic);

Mostly cribbed from the documentation for how to identify the browser that generated the request. Some is also taken from the Google PageSpeed Firefox addon.

Is there a recommended or preferred way to go from the nsIDOMWindow object domWin to a tab element in the SDK tabs module?

I've considered something hacky like scanning the tabs list for one with a URL that matches the URL for domWin, but then I have to worry about multiple tabs having the same URL.

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You have to keep using the internal packages. From what I can tell, getTabForWindow() function in api-utils/lib/tabs/tab.js package does exactly what you want. Untested code:

var tabsLib = require("sdk/tabs/tab.js");
return tabsLib.getTabForWindow(;
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Awesome that works great! Guess I need to keep an eye on the source and the documentation. – Rob Nov 12 '11 at 14:58

The API has changed since this was originally asked/answered... It should now (as of 1.15) be:

return require("sdk/tabs/utils").getTabForWindow(;
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Now it calls getTabForContentWindow – Suhan Apr 8 '14 at 8:21

As of Addon SDK version 1.13 change:

var tabsLib = require("tabs/tab.js");


var tabsLib = require("sdk/tabs/helpers.js");

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