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I've searched the docs and other places online and cannot seem to come up with the proper way to set the timeout option for Faraday. Anyone have the answer?

I've tried:

  conn =
  conn.headers[:user_agent]   = AppConfig.user_agent
  # conn.options[:timeout]      = 20
  # conn.options[:open_timeout] = 20
  response = conn.get do |req|
    req.options = {
      :timeout      => 20,
      :open_timeout => 20

Nothing seems to be working. BTW, I'm using the Typhoeus adapter if that makes a difference.

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Well it seems I figured it out. If I pass the timeout option into the initializer, it seems to work:

  options = {
    :timeout      => 20,
    :open_timeout => 20
  conn =, options)
  conn.headers[:user_agent] = AppConfig.user_agent
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A little more up to date answer, – Andrew Jan 22 at 16:24

The Faraday README currently contains this example using a block style:

conn.get do |req|
  req.url '/search'
  req.options[:timeout] = 5           # open/read timeout in seconds
  req.options[:open_timeout] = 2      # connection open timeout in seconds

If this doesn't work for you, perhaps you should file a ticket over on Github.

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The original question seems to be asking about the general timeout, rather than per-request timeouts which the above refers to. – Andy Triggs Jun 26 '13 at 12:36

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