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Is there way I can find out whether DNS caching is being done in client application side or not. The issue is that there was a fail-over of the servers but the application was still pointing to old IPs and we confirmed that nslookup on Unix was giving correct IP.

We have correct networkaddress.cache.ttl value in JAVA properties file java.securities.

The client is making remote calls using EJB.

I want to know if I can find out if the Java application/JVM is refreshing cache every TTL seconds or not.

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Two thoughts: a) You provide pretty good evidence that in your case the client is "DNS caching" whether that caching is at the networking layer or within the application itself, e.g. reusing the old EJB client proxy. b) It sounds from your description of the problem that you're coming at this purely from a networking perspective; that may or may not be the way your application server handles fail-over. Can you provide more details such as whether this a application for which you have control of the source code and what application server you're running it on? –  sceaj Nov 11 '11 at 20:05
Actually my question was simple whether we can find a way whether the Java application is utilizing DNS caching or not. –  raj_arni Nov 18 '11 at 19:48

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