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For example if I had an IQueryable of Person objects and each Person had an Age ID and I wanted to make another query that selected all rows from a table that contains an integer ID that was in this IQueryable of IDs...

Could I use something like this?

List<int> AgeList = new List<int>();

foreach(Person p in Persons)

var ageStats = from a in db.Ages
                where AgeList.Contains(a.Age)
                select a;

Or what would be a better way so I didn't need to loop?


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It sounds like you want to perform a join. Since you mentioned that Persons is an IQueryable, is it coming from the database as well?

Either a join or SelectMany (which translates to a join in LINQ to SQL) should suffice.


var ageStats = from a in db.Ages
               join p in db.Persons on a.Age equals p.Age
               select a;


var ageStats = from a in db.Ages
               from p in db.Persons
               where a.Age == p.Age
               select a;
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Good point...I assumed the ages were in memory...but it's not clear from the question. – Jeff Nov 11 '11 at 19:39
Well in the context of the example I am not looking up the ages until they select multiple persons, so I have to wait for user input. – ioSamurai Nov 11 '11 at 20:17

You can do

List<int> AgeList = Persons.Select(p => p.Age);

However, even tho the msdn page for .Select does not say much, I'm pretty sure .Select still is a loop, so you won't really gain any performance by writing it like that

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Persons.Select(p => p.Age) does not return a List<int> (or execute anything in a loop for that matter). If you want a list, you've got to do .ToList(). Until then, it's just a non-enumerated enumerable. – Jeff Nov 11 '11 at 19:30
var ageStats = from a in db.Ages
               where Persons.Select(p => p.Age).Contains(a.Age)
               select a;
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