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I need to sort a list of lists, where each entry in the outer list is a list of three integers like this:


The trick is that I need to sort it by entry[0], and if there's a tie, then sort them by entry[1], and if that's also a tie, sort by entry[2], so the list above should be:


I keep overthinking my loops and sort statements and I haven't been able to get a way to check the entries in order without rearranging my lists by those values instead of keeping the hierarchy.

Any suggestions?

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It's a default behaviour for comparing lists.

x = [[3,1,0],[1,2,3],[3,2,0],[3,1,1]]
x.sort(reverse = True)
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Wow thanks. I was really overthinking this problem :\ – user1042305 Nov 11 '11 at 19:19

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