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I have an MSBuild script which uses a custom task to extract the version information from AssemblyInfo files:

    <Output TaskParameter="AssemblyInfo" ItemName="AssemblyInfo"/>

This produces a new set of items which contain the information I need as further metadata.

At this point, I don't know how to associate the metadata back to the to source items WebProject. Conceptually they're related to each other by path, as expressed by the original transform %(RootDir)%(Directory)Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs.

I've tried to use various combinations of MSBuild batching syntax, but each one seems further from where I want to be than the last.

I'm very new to batching with MSBuild, so any examples are appreciated.

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I haven't been able to get the set I wanted in a single step, but this solution does produce the output I require.

Create a cross-join product of all the projects and assembly versions. Additionally include the directory the AssemblyInfo file located in.

    <VersionedProject Include="@(WebProject)">

Then remove all items where the properties directory is not the location of the AssemblyInfo file.

        Condition="'%(RootDir)%(Directory)Properties\' != '%(AssemblyInfoDir)'"/>

The following outputs a correct list of project names and version numbers.

<Message Text="%(VersionedProject.Filename): %(VersionedProject.Version)" />
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