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I read in ActiveMQ page , using JMX enabled we can monitor queue in activemq. How can we get notified if queue has messages (depth high) or service interval high in ActiveMQ. Without using any shell scripts in unix environment. Is it possible through Java progrms? If yes, give me some ideas to get this done.

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For a JMX-free approach, you can also use the XML feed served by the activemq console page. The XML feed is hosted at http://ip:port/admin/xml/queues.jsp

This will have tags similar to this for each queue:

<queue name="your queue">
<stats size="0" consumerCount="1" enqueueCount="0" dequeueCount="0"/>

Just parse this XML in your code and you are good to go.

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you can use Java via JMX APIs to periodically poll for queue stats (see this guide)

for the notification approach, you'd need to use advisory messages to monitor messages delivered to a queue (see this guide)

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Thanks boday... – Vignesh Nov 16 '11 at 19:32

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