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I have an Event class with a HABTM relationship with a User class. I'm trying to create a Event scope that includes only Events that have 2 Users associated with it.

I currently have a Event#status method that returns the following:

def status
  self.users.length == 2 ? "matched" : "not matched" 

So now basically I'm trying to find how to write a scope that includes all "matched" events. I tried scope :matched, self.users.length == 2, which didn't work at all, but is there a similar way that I'm missing?

EDIT: This class method does this correctly, but it'd still be nice if I could encapsulate it in a scope.

def self.pending
  Event.all.map { |e| e if e.status == "matched" }
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You've got a few problems here. Right now, your status method is returning literal strings, which is a bit surprising -- it would be more common to have this return a Boolean value. Also, the name status is not descriptive -- perhaps exactly_two_users? would be better. In addition, if you use users.count instead of users.length, then the DB will do the count more efficiently.

Your scope could simply be where(:users.count => 2), I believe.

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I actually simplified the method a little bit, it's supposed to return three different statuses. where(:users.count => 2) didn't work, unfortunately - it says there's no count method for a symbol. –  Eric Yang Nov 11 '11 at 21:37
Maybe 'users.count' would work instead; I just did a quick search for the syntax with no success. Anyway, that's the basic idea. –  Marnen Laibow-Koser Nov 11 '11 at 21:43

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