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In the code below:

int main () {cout << "hello world";}

should there be a space between the function name and the parenthesis? If either is excepted by the compiler what is te convention?

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The compiler does not care, but a common convention is to use no space.

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Ok. Thank You very much. –  user1031446 Nov 11 '11 at 21:29

As far as I can tell, spaces are only required to clarify where symbols are seperate, where symbols are sequences of letters, numbers, and underscores. Vaguely related, all preprocessor commands must end in a newline.

int main(){char a=4+3;std::cout<<a<<std::endl;return 0;}
   ^           ^                                    ^

In this example, I have a space between int and main, because otherwise the compiler would think it was a function with no return type named intmain. Same with char a being two symbols (not a variable named chara, and return 0 is also two symbols, and not some expression return0.

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The whitespace in your example is irrelevant.

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When overloading operators, it tends to increase readability a bit, but in most cases, it's superfluous.

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That depends on the coding standard. If there is none, then on the person writing the code.

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