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Apple Technical Note TN2276 lists changes to audio unit code for Lion. I successfully applied the changes to FilterDemo sample and it compiles ok. Then I apple same changes to AUPinkNoise sample, but I get a linker error says undefined symbol _FilterFactory. I changed code in AUPinkNoise.cpp from COMPONENT_ENTRY(AUPinkNoise) to AUDIOCOMPONENT_ENTRY(AUBaseFactory, AUPinkNoise)

But that does not help. Being new to core audio I have no idea how to fix this. Any ideas?

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I had a similar problem, except with another audio unit project. From your description of the error, I think you forgot to edit the .exp file. In the .exp file you should have _"name"Entry and _"name"Factory. For example, in your case in the .exp file (located in the AUSource folder) it should be as follows


Remember to have a blank line at the very end.

Also, you will want to edit the info.plist file as well by adding an AudioComponents Array entry and add AUPluginDispatch.cpp/h (located in the AUBase folder).

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Indeed, my .exp file had wrong name for _AUPinkNoiseFactory. That solved the problem. –  superg Nov 16 '11 at 11:55

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