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I have a VS2008 solution that contains and ASP.Net website, an ASP.Net WCF service, and several silverlight projects/applications. Building the solution under any of the Configurations that I have defined (Debug, Staging, Release) in the IDE works great. I also have an MSbuild project that builds the solution using an MSBuild Task, runs all the unit tests, and then deploys the site and the service etc. via FTP.

If I do a clean build in the msbuild project, it fails as it seems to fail to copy over the built silverlight libraries into the dependent projects and I get lots of missing reference errors. If I just open up the solution in the IDE, switch to the same Configuration and build, it works fine and then the msbuild project works fine.

What special steps do I need to take to build a solution that contains silverlight projects? Do I need to specifically build all the projects and copy over the dll outputs??

I am new to msbuild. Thanks in advance. Here is how I am building the sln file in the msbuild project:

<MSBuild Projects="mainsite.sln" Properties="Configuration=$(Configuration)" />
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Rather than build each project to a different directory, and then rely on copying the dependant assemblies locallly, I would change all of the projects to output to the same directory and then turn off the CopyLocal option on the references between the projects.

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