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I have installed the latest version of openni and NITE in the following order:

Openni unstable development edition x64 NITE unstable develeopment edition x64 Avin2 sensor kinect x64 from ../platforms/win32 directory

I use windows 7 64bit and I have connected Kinect and not using mock nodes. When i try to run an error: "One or more of the following nodes could not be enumerated"

My modules.xml contents are:

    <Module path="C:\OpenNI\Bin64\nimRecorder64.dll" />
    <Module path="C:\OpenNI\Bin64\nimMockNodes64.dll" />
    <Module path="C:\OpenNI\Bin64\nimCodecs64.dll" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_3_1\Bin64\XnVFeatures64_1_3_1.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_3_1\Data" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_4_1\Bin64\XnVFeatures64_1_4_1.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_4_1\Data" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_4_2\Bin64\XnVFeatures64_1_4_2.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Features_1_4_2\Data" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_3_1\Bin64\XnVHandGenerator64_1_3_1.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_3_1\Data" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_4_1\Bin64\XnVHandGenerator64_1_4_1.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_4_1\Data" />
    <Module path="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_4_2\Bin64\XnVHandGenerator64_1_4_2.dll" configDir="C:\PrimeSense\NITE\Hands_1_4_2\Data" />

I also tried using the previous version of OpenNI and NITE with the same result. I also entered the license key in SamplesConfig.xml and it has no other changes. It has production nodes for image and depth and thats all.

I would like to know if Avin2 sensor kinect drivers work with latest versions of openni. Whats the order of installation and what driver do i install to make kinect work with openni ?



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  1. Check all dll are existing
  2. Check your license key is correct (some modules need a valid license key). Register it with niReg command
  3. Check all configDir are existing, readable, with their config files inside
  4. Stop your program immediatly after context.InitFromXmlFile(strFileName, scriptNode, pErrors) (so you can do next step)
  5. Comment all Module nodes. The error should disapper, but now you have a non working program.
  6. One by one, decomment modules and test if the error appears. Now you know what is the bad module.
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Sorry for the delayed reply, but heres what i investigated: 1) All dlls do exist, i verified with the previous build of openni. 2) This is puzzling me. I thought i didnt need the license key for NITE as the newest versions didnt require for you to enter it. In anycase, I have entered the license key in the sampleConfig.xml using the license tag. 3) I had encountered this problem before if I had installed openni in program files directory. I got around this problem by installing it in the root directory, example C:\OpenNI and C:\Primesense\NITE. So i have no read only issues here. –  user968049 Nov 18 '11 at 5:17
4) It fails on InitFromXmlFile, but the error exists even if disconnect kinect from my system, making it believe that this is a driver issue. 5 and 6) Done that and I still get that the primesense device is not detected and the enumerated nodes is not instantiated. Now I did notice that my laptop(Which is a HP elitebook 8760w) has an eSata usb drive, 2 ss usb drives and yet another 2 more which i think are usb 2.0. After some search , i found that kinect doesnt work with some usb 3.0 ports? –  user968049 Nov 18 '11 at 5:17
Eitherway, could you tell me the order in you installed your openni, nite and drivers? You have the sensor kinect drivers, avin2 drivers, openni has a driver installer in its directory. What should be installed and in what order? thanks –  user968049 Nov 18 '11 at 5:18
I'm using linux and I installed: OpenNI and Sensor. They works without NITE for depth map and simple hand point. When I wanted more advanced features, I installed NITE. When I installed NITE, it gave me "One or more of the following nodes could not be enumerated" because it needed a valid license. Even if the license was in xml files, it needed to be registered with niReg. Have you checked what module can't be enumerated? –  Alessandro Pezzato Nov 18 '11 at 8:24
I kind of figured what happened. So figured that i had to install the avin2 drivers available in the Bin directory and not the ones in win32\platforms. But after that i started receiving errors that it couldnt create shared memory. My laptop is an office laptop and when i logged in as system administrator, i was finally able to get the samples working. But when i logged in as a local user, it failed and gave me the error. So it seems like i have some sort of permissions problems.. –  user968049 Nov 19 '11 at 16:35
  1. Uninstall all previous kinect drivers if any
  2. Download avin2 driver from https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect
  3. Run SensorKinect-unstable\Platform\Win32\Driver\dpinst-amd64.exe (or dpinst-x86.exe if your system is 32-bit )

Then run demo program (NiViewer) to test everything is fine..

That's all..

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This version of openni had bugs with UAC settings in windows 7. The latest version of openni which supports poseless callibration works out of the box.

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I don't know why, but for some reason the stable versions of OpenNI and the Middleware and Hardware are just not compatible with the avin2 driver.

I use Windows 7 x64 and when I uninstalled everything and changed to the unstable versions of OpenNI, Nite and PrimeSense Sensor, it worked with the 64bit avin2 (SensorKinect093-Bin-Win64-v5.1.2.1.msi) driver.


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