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We have to migrate from AgileZen to Rally. I'm looking for any advice, warnings of hidden gotchas, and especially any migration scripts if someone feels like sharing. Thanks.

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You could also export your AgileZen data to Excel. Then import via CSV in Rally. You won't need to write code, but should get the basic data from one system to the other.

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The AgileZen and Rally data models are similar but don't perfectly map to each other. IIRC, moving from Zen to Rally is the easier direction.

If you've got a lot of data in AgileZen then you may want to design a mapping that works for you (e.g. Zen board cards to Rally user stories) and write some code to do the conversion.

To get data out of Zen try the AgileZen API.

To get data in to Rally I'd recommend:

Rally Web Services API: Supports a full breadth of standards-based protocols to interact with your Rally data using SOAP, REST, & JSON

And use either the Ruby or .NET REST libraries to make your lofe easier (links to those can be found on the Rally Web Services API page)

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