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I'm trying to use the /links methods from the Graph API and can't seem to get it to use the names, captions, pictures, or descriptions I'm passing. Are these arguments deprecated or something?

Here's my sample call:

curl -F 'access_token=<my_token>' \
     -F 'link=' \
     -F 'message=Spct8?' \
     -F 'picture=' \
     -F 'name=Spectate' \
     -F 'caption=a' \
     -F 'description=my desc'<wall_id>/links

The link and message appear fine but it doesn't use the picture, caption, name or description.

Any ideas?

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This has been asked and resolved as a Facebook API bug. The workaround is to post to /feed as noted in the bug. The caveat is that the link is unshareable.

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