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I am trying to merge two assemblies using ilmerge with the method described here:

however, I am getting an error with a project reference I don't want, of three referenced assemblies, I just want one merged, but the ilmerge doesn't seem to work with the project references.

I know there is a /lib: option, but how can I automate that in the Ilmerge.CSharp.targets so it works with any project?

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What error message do you get?

After applying Scott Hanselman's changes to Ilmerge.CSharp.targets, manually set <IlMerge>True</IlMerge> in your csproj file only on those project references you want merged.

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I think the resolution was that I had to use an earlier version of ilmerge. 2.9.1118 – Timmerz Dec 19 '11 at 23:44

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