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I wanted to make a simple R plot with y-axis labels centered above the y-axis tick labels. I created something I liked with the code below. But it required some fumbling with the at graphical parameter.

Q: Is there a less hacky way of doing this? Is there a way to query the y-axis tick labels for their width so that I could use that information to center the y-axis label above them?

n.obs       <- 390
vol.min     <- .20/sqrt(252 * 390)
eps         <- rnorm(n = n.obs, sd = vol.min)
windows(width = 5.05, height = 3.8)
plot(eps,  main  =  "Hello  World!", las=1, ylab="")
mtext(text="eps", side=3, at=-60)

my plot

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reasonable question. you can use textwidth to get the widths, I think, but you'd have to reconstruct precisely how R decided to format them. This is probably more cleanly achievable in grid graphics (but I don't know how) –  Ben Bolker Nov 12 '11 at 1:41
As Ben Bolker said the above graph could easily be done in grid, but is that a route that interests you? Or do you intend to have more complex graphics where building such a custom plot function from scratch would make little sense? –  baptiste Nov 12 '11 at 4:02
@baptiste: You're right. I would like to be able to build more complicated graphics –  lowndrul Nov 12 '11 at 16:48

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You can get the extent of the user coordinates with `par("usr") and then convert the units of margins. You have added an extra wringle by making the plot area non-standard. On a standard 7 x 7 device this works:

mtext(text="eps", side=3, at=usrcoord.x.left-0.075*diff(range(par("usr")[1:2]) ))

But on your smaller plot window, you need to use:

mtext(text="eps", side=3, at=usrcoord.x.left-0.1*diff(range(par("usr")[1:2]) ))
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usr parameter is very helpful. I wasn't aware of and somehow overlooked it in the help. By usrcoord.x.left I assume you mean par("usr")[1]. After playing found I liked mtext(text="eps", side=3, at=par("usr")[1] which centered on the y-axis line instead. –  lowndrul Nov 12 '11 at 17:50

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