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I have an entity that is managed by a WCF service, so the entity is generated through service reference so I cannot annotate it to specify data format. It is decimal and must be formatted with 6 decimals. How can I accomplish this in MVC3, in display and editor?

In display I could use

@Html.Display(format("{0:f4}", model.MyField))

It's not very elegant, but it's workable. But how can I do this for formatting the editor with 4 decimals?


I found this answer to a similar question, but it gives me error in line

return html.TextBox(name, value, htmlAttributes);

Any idea how to solve it?


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I updated my answer, in response to your EDIT. – Scott Rippey Nov 15 '11 at 20:57

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I managed to make it as follows:

  1. For display I used

    @string.Format("{0:f4}", Model.KPINumber)
  2. for edit I used

    @Html.TextBox("KPINumber", string.Format("{0:f4}", Model.KPINumber))
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Here's an easier syntax:


If you want to display it in an editable textbox, you could do the same:

@Html.TextBox("myField", model.MyField.ToString("f4"))

Obviously, this doesn't enforce 4 decimals client-side, but it initially displays it with 4 decimals.

[Edit]: In response to your edit: That question's "accepted" answer obviously does not compile, and the comments indicate this too.
Take a look at Gaz's answer because it fixes the compile errors and looks like it works.

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Thanks for answer. However, it actually doesn't display anything, neither in view nor in edit - the area is empty. Any idea why? – bzamfir Nov 12 '11 at 2:14
Well, I'm not sure if f4 is correct, I just copied it from your example. I usually use D4 or N4. – Scott Rippey Nov 12 '11 at 5:09
Strange, it didn't display anything for me using this approach, but it gave me the idea to make it work. Thanks for suggestion. – bzamfir Nov 15 '11 at 9:45

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