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I have a temp table with in a SP.

CREATE TABLE #bclist (
            bcastid INT
            ,userid INT
            ,etype INT
            ,articles0 BIGINT
            ,seq INT identity(1, 1)

I also have a variable @nextseq What I want is somthingh like below

CREATE TABLE #bclist (
            bcastid INT
            ,userid INT
            ,etype INT
            ,articles0 BIGINT
            ,seq INT identity(@nextseq, 1)

But SQl server doesn’t permit this .Any solution ?

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perhaps you should post the 'actual' problem you are trying to solve; smells like a row_number() solution... –  Mitch Wheat Nov 12 '11 at 4:50

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You can use

DBCC CHECKIDENT (#bclist, RESEED, @nextseq)

But it will not work if your SP is not running from dbowner. Another thingh you can do is to reseed the table.

if @nextseq > 1 
                 TRUNCATE table #bclist
            SET IDENTITY_INSERT #bclist ON  
            INSERT INTO #bclist (seq) 
            VALUES (@nextseq-1 )  
            SET IDENTITY_INSERT #bclist OFF  
            DELETE FROM #bclist 

Don’t forget the if condition otherwise in you seq coulmn you will get values from 2 instead of 1.

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How about a global temp table?

DECLARE @foo  varchar(5);
SET @foo = '4';

DECLARE @query nvarchar(max);

-- a global temp table will exist for the lifetime of
-- the connection
SET @query = replace(N'
CREATE TABLE ##bclist (
            bcastid INT
            ,userid INT
            ,etype INT
            ,articles0 BIGINT
            ,seq INT identity(@seed, 1)
            )', '@seed', @foo)


SELECT 0,1,2,3
select * from ##bclist

drop table ##bclist


bcastid   userid   etype   articles0   seq
0         1        2       3           4
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