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I want to create an iPad app which will initially show a Table View and on click of any of the table rows show a detail view (a UIWebView)

Now on this detail view, I also want to show an iAd (may be at the bottom)

How do I do this? Any example app with source code for reference would be really helpful . Thank you.

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I would start by creating a custom UIViewController that operates as a UIWebViewDelegate & AdBannerViewDelegate. The view controller will load two subviews--a UIWebView and an AdBannerView.

A tap on your UITableViewCell pushes the custom view controller, which is responsible for loading appropriate content in the UIWebView & displaying the contents of the AdBannerView.

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Thx a lot for that...Could u pls provide me any sample app with source code for the same... –  testndtv Nov 12 '11 at 7:28
Sorry, I don't have a sample app with source code for doing this. You would build this like any other view controller to which you add subviews. Here's a nice tutorial from a great dev you can look at to undertand how to put some of the pieces together for your own app: raywenderlich.com/1371/… –  bobwaycott Nov 12 '11 at 7:37

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