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When should functionality be added to a facebook page tab versus a separate app?

For example, if a business had both a facebook page about the business as well as a facebook app about the business, when a new piece of functionality is developed, should it go onto the page (as a page tab) or the app?

EG: The guardian newspaper has both an app (http://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/) as well as a page (http://www.facebook.com/theguardian).

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You can attach the functionality provided by a specific app onto a specific facebook page if the specific app in question has the "Page Tab" functionality enabled inside it.

TO add the specific app has a "Page Tab" to your specific facebook page, it is then as simple as clicking on the "Add to Facebook Page" link on your application profile page.

So while there is a distinct difference between what a "Facebook Page" is supposed to do and what a "Facebook App" is supposed to do, it is possible to get the best of both worlds by assigning an app to a page using the "Page Tab" functionality in the app.

So if a business has a facebook page, it is usually used to disseminate content and interact with that business' facebook page fans.

That business' facebook app is a good place to develop custom functionality that you want to achieve and not available by default on the facebook page.

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