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We have installed GDB on AIX 6.1 (gdb-6.0-1.aix5.1.ppc_AIX.rpm) and I notice that there is no "TUI" (terminal user interface) mode for "interactive source code debugging"?

Is that a known thing for GDB on AIX? Is there another way I can debug my application through the source code like using TUI mode on AIX? Perhaps using TTY somehow?

Thanks for the help


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I'm not sure what you're expecting to happen. GDB only has one user interface, and it's text-based. What are you doing, and what's happening? – duskwuff Nov 12 '11 at 6:30
If you run gdb ./<my program> -tui you will see that the source code comes up in the console as well....that is what I am after....thnx – Lynton Grice Nov 12 '11 at 7:05
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Perhaps you need a more recent GDB. GDB is now at version 7.3.1 and gdb 7.2 has a --tui option.

Did you try to build GDB from its source code?

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Good point...I will try get a newer version....thanks ;-) – Lynton Grice Nov 12 '11 at 7:06

There is a same problem in my Mac OS X 10.6.6, then I try to build gdb 7.3.1 from source code, finally get the --tui option. While I use command "gdb --tui program" and typed "run" to debug, I get this message:

Unable to find Mach task port for process-id 36434: (os/kern) failure (0x5).
(please check gdb is codesigned - see taskgated(8))

Then I use command "sudo gdb --tui program" to resolve it.

And there is a cgdb which based curses, and like TUI option.
See also question No TUI support for gdb on Mac?

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