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I have encountered a weird behaviour in my hosted service in the last few days, and hopefully someone here, could give me a clue what causes it.

I have a web service (asmx) hosted on a shared server.

This webservice consists a few webmethods - lets call them A and B.

During the day there are times when i try to execute (through my application) method A, I dont get a response, But method B works fine.

In other times this behaviour is reversed - Method A response But B is not.

They both connect to the same Database and ,as mentioned, are part of the same webservice. What seems to solve it is updating (Not really changing anything in it) the web.config in my hosted site (I guess it causes the application in the iis to recycle).

Any Ideas?

10Q :)

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I guess there is (I dont have access to the IIS), but if the max connections has been reached, why would one method works and the other doesn`t? –  Udi I Nov 12 '11 at 14:25

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