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I need to implement a distributed CPU-intensive, java-based job. No database is involved, each job gets a simple text file. All shall be running on EC2.

I'm looking for a framework that would easily enable me to launch instances, distribute jobs between then, collect the results and so on. The JAR file will stay the same almost all time, mostly parameters changes between each run. The whole thing shall be very dynamic. I.e. each full-cycle will take no longer than 15-20 minute, so I'd like to have a quick set-up time for each run.

What's your recommendation?



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Look at Whirr, http://whirr.apache.org/. It runs on quite every cloud.

Here is how to run a Hadoop cluster on EC2 with Whirr and start a job. http://whirr.apache.org/docs/0.6.0/quick-start-guide.html

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