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I'm a beginner in this area. I have cloned the sources of emacs from github. As stated in INSTALL file, I executed ./configure but the terminal showed 'no such file or directory'.

I checked the files. There are two similar files, and config.bat. I don't know whether these two files is relevant to the installment.

Thank you very much.

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The latest emacs sources aren't compatible with the autotools shipped with OSX, so you can't generate ./configure in the usual way. However, the developers have provided a workaround by allowing you to run the following in the root of the emacs source tree:


After that, go ahead with the usual

./configure --with-ns --without-dbus

or similar.

Also, I'm not sure that there's an up-to-date mirror of the emacs sources on github. If you're set on using git instead of bzr (the "native" SCM for emacs developers), clone the following (more official) repo instead:

A good choice might be to use a Mac package manager like homebrew, with which you can install the latest emacs code like this:

brew install --head emacs

But as Chris says, definitely consider downloading a nightly build from instead.

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I did as you stated and it worked! I may try Chris's suggestion. Thanks! – lichgo Nov 12 '11 at 10:24

You don't give a specific link to the source code you're trying to build. Also, if you're a beginner maybe you should use a pre-built package for OSX?

Anyway, configure is probably missing because the autoconf tools weren't run. Quickly consulting the Emacs repository from the GNU page, I think this link should state what you need to know.


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The link is very useful for solving my problem. Thanks. – lichgo Nov 12 '11 at 10:28

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