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I am working on an application where we need to use java mail functionality.We have started using maven 3.x as out build tool.

Everything was working fine till Java Mail API has not been introduced.We are using Eclipse with M2Eclipse plugin but most of our deployment work is being done by maven Command line.

We have introduced following depedency in our pom.xml and i have verify that both mail.jar and activation.jar are in there respected folder structure.


We tried the following command

> mvn clean

and than

>mvn tomcat:deploy

though maven is showing that it has successfulky deployed war on the tomcat but tomcat console showing that it is failing to deploy application and in other successful cases we are facing a strange issue, as we are using hibernate for persistance layer so on examing the folder structure it came out that the mapping file .hbm files are missing due to which Session factory is not creating and server is not able to startup.

here is the snap shot of plugin entry



i am unable to understand whats going wrong here.any help in this regard will be much appriciated.

Thanks in advacnce

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Could you specify Tomcat version. Is the artifact already deployed in the Tomcat when you try to deploy? – amra Nov 17 '11 at 9:27

From you procedure I see:

  1. mvn clean - that deletes target directory with your build
  2. mvn tomcat:deploy - should take the build (which was deleted with mvn clean) and deploy it on tomcat

There is no build phase. So use instead mvn clean package tomcat:deploy. If your application is already deployed in tomcat try mvn clean package tomcat:redeploy. For details check plugin documentation.

Which Tomcat version do you use? According to you use the version 1.1. In the plugin documentation you can find there that Tomcat 7 is not supported in this version. For that you must upgrade to version 2.0. See

Probably yo

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