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I've try to add simple text on top of video with FFmpeg using drawtext parameter. Every time i'm going to do this, error is returned:

Could not load fontface from file 'arial.ttf': cannot open resource

To indicate the location of the font I used the following methods:

ffmpeg -i C:\Test\rec\vid_1321909320.avi -vf drawtext=fontfile=arial.ttf:text=test -sameq vid_1321909320.flv
ffmpeg -i C:\Test\rec\vid_1321909320.avi -vf drawtext=fontfile=C:\Windows\Fonts\arial.ttf:text=test -sameq vid_1321909320.flv

All have failed. Does anyone have experience with adding text using ffmpeg?

FFMPEG version: N-34549-g13b7781 build on Nov 6 2011
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You cannot have a colon in the path to your font file as the colon acts as a key sepperator in ffmpeg. I had the same problem.


ffmpeg -i C:\Test\rec\vid_1321909320.avi -vf drawtext=fontfile=/Windows/Fonts/arial.ttf:text=test -sameq vid_1321909320.flv
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Awesome! :) Thanks –  falek.marcin Nov 21 '11 at 18:18

A colon ":" and a backslash "\" have special meaning when specifying the parameters for drawtext. So what you can do is to escape them by converting ":" to "\:" and "\" to "\\". Also you can enclose the path to your font file in single quotes incase the path contains spaces.

So you will have

ffmpeg -i C:\Test\rec\vid_1321909320.avi -vf drawtext=fontfile='C\:\\Windows\\Fonts\\arial.ttf':text=test vid_1321909320.flv
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Are you archaeologist? Question from '11 –  falek.marcin Jan 25 '13 at 17:58
Answer from 2011 was not working but adentum's answer worked. –  Jaex Jun 30 '14 at 1:08
Still usefull in 2015. –  DrHaze Jan 20 at 14:44

I was also having trouble with ffmpeg recognizing Windows paths. I finally just put the font Arial.ttf in the same folder as the input file and it worked.

[drawtext @ 03C66EA0] Key '/Windows/Fonts/Arial.ttf: text' not found.
[drawtext @ 03C66E00] Error parsing options string: 'fontfile=C:/Windows/Fonts/Arial.ttf: text=Test Text:x=100: y=50: fontsize=24: fontcolor=yellow@0.2: box=1: boxcolor=red@0.2'
Error initializing filter 'drawtext' with args 'fontfile=C:/Windows/Fonts/Arial.ttf: text=Test Text:x=100: y=50: fontsize=24: fontcolor=yellow@0.2: box=1: boxcolor=red@0.2'
Error opening filters!
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Your solution also works. Thanks –  falek.marcin Nov 21 '11 at 18:19

Try putting quotes on the parameter:

ffmpeg -i C:\Test\rec\vid_1321909320.avi \
       -vf drawtext="fontfile=C:\Windows\Fonts\arial.ttf:text=test" \
       -sameq vid_1321909320.flv
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I tried this and it did not work –  falek.marcin Nov 21 '11 at 18:20

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