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I have an application that makes use of the App trait, and it's all working fine. But the object that inherits from App is getting a bit unwieldy, so I'd like to split some of the functionality out into traits. In particular, I'd like to split out the command-line argument handling.

Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to play well with DelayedInit. So this works fine:

object Main extends App {
  println("arguments are: "+ args.mkString.mkString(", "))

but this throws a NullPointerException:

trait CommandLineArguments { this: App =>
  println("arguments are: "+ args.mkString.mkString(", "))

object Main extends App with CommandLineArguments

Is there any way to get DelayedInit to "include" mixed-in traits?

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Looks strange, if write some like this, works fine:

trait CommandLineArguments { self: App => 
  delayedInit {
     println("arguments are: "+ args.mkString.mkString(", "))

But from scaladocs (http://www.scala-lang.org/api/current/index.html#scala.DelayedInit):

Classes and traits inheriting the DelayedInit marker trait will have their initialization code rewritten as follows.[Code] becomes delayedInit([Code]) Initialization code comprises all statements and all value definitions that are executed during initialization.

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