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Here is a picture of how things are supposed to work.

I'll log into sql server and manually start jobA. My interaction ends here. This job doesn't have a schedule enabled. Hence it is manually started. It has 3 steps. The 3rd step will execute another job manually (which is on another server). Technically the 3 step should in turn schedule jobA, to run say after 5 minutes (only 1 time).

But how to schedule jobA which is on another server?

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Maybe it is better for jobB to wait for 5 minutes and then start jobA (without scheduling).

Assuming it is SQL Server 2005 or newer, You can use WAITFOR:


Or if You insist on scheduling a job using stored procedure, check sp_add_schedule stored procedure.

If You already knew this and focus of your question is on 'another' server, check: How to run a Job from a Stored Procedure in another server?

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+1 for your recommendation. – deostroll Nov 12 '11 at 13:34

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