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I want to import java inner class into Scala project. The code, which wouldn't compile looks like this:

import pac.Obj
import pac.Obj.Inner.Inner2

object Sample {
    def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {            
        var o = new Obj()
        Inner2 i2 = o.getInner().addInner2("some text")

The scala compiler is unable to recognize the second import. Why is that? In Java, this construct works fine.

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Inner2 i2 is illegal in Scala in any case, and val i2 = o.getInner().addInner2("some text") will work fine.

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It does work if the Inner class is static.

If it isn't, well you're out of luck (but do you really need it?). But you can use the name with the # separator like this:

var inner = outer.getInner : Outer#Inner
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According to Iulian Dragos, who would know,

There is indeed no syntax to import Outer#Inner.


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