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I tried converting word newsletter to html by File->Save as->Other formats and then choose .html, but they aren't at all the same. For example, in the .docx file a has an image on the margin and it isn't shown in html.

Is there an API or some idea that would help me with the conversion?

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The only advice I could give is to post conversion manually add back the images. I have never tried such a conversion myself, but since image files are external to html files (not embedded like they can be in a word document), then the converter has no external image file to link an image to. You would need to create your image in .jpg or .png etc. and then manually add it as either a background image or via the img tag to your converted html. –  ScottS Nov 12 '11 at 12:03

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HTML was orginally not designed to be a layout preserving format. If you want to offer a newsletter which was created using Word on a web page, best option may be to create a PDF from that and allow your audience to download it. You can, however, try to convert that PDF afterwards to HTML with a tool like this one


There are also some commercial solutions for converting Word to HTML directly, just google "convert word to html".

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