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I want to override Jquery Mobile scrolling to the top of the screen on changing a page.

There are two transitions I need to tweak:
a) transitions between two pages already existing in the DOM (see Jquery Mobile RC2.js line #2440)
b) transitions when a new page is added to the DOM

I'm halfway done: You can block (a) by overriding the 4 scrollTo() following after line #2440.

Which section in JQM.js do I need to tweak when I want to override ScrollTo when a new page is loaded? Just can't find it.

Thanks for help!

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jQM offers $.mobile.silentScroll

Scroll to a particular Y position without triggering scroll event listeners.

  • Arguments: yPos (number, defaults to 0).

Pass any number to scroll to that Y location.


//scroll to Y 100px             
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Thx. But I'm looking for the code in JQM.js which performs this silentScroll when I'm loading a new page vs. when I'm transitioning between two pages already in the DOM. Maybe this makes it clearer: I have a JQM page. Attached to its fixed footer is a popup menu, which can hold nested JQM pages. When I changepage inside the menu loading a new page, I don't want to scrollTop on the background page. I can block this silentscroll when I'm transitioning between two pages existing (in the menu), but not when I load a new page into the menu. –  frequent Nov 12 '11 at 17:53
me again. Found it, but it's not related to scrollTop. It is inside the fixedToolbars HIDE function, in which I modified the thisCSStop check. Thx anyway. –  frequent Nov 12 '11 at 18:52

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