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I have made my android application as the default application.

Now i rebooted my tablet while the application was running.

So when the tablet restarts, my application starts and there is no way to stop the application. So i cant get to the home screen.

How can i clear the default activity as i cant see the home screen and cant goto settings?

Any help appreciated.

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Reboot your device into safe mode. This will disable third-party applications and should return you to your normal home screen, where you can go into settings and remove the app.

Or, try uninstalling it from the command line (adb uninstall or ant uninstall, depending on whether or not you are using Ant for building the project). That should work, though I have not tried it for removing the current default home screen.

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Hi Sandip you can fetch the your Application Proceess id and you can kill by following

use it may be it is useful for you .. i m not sure..

System.out.println("Process is now Kill : "+android.os.Process.myPid());
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