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I'm building a hybrid mobile application (PhoneGap+JQM). While testing in the Android emulator, I'm observing what must be a cross-domain POST issue against a SOAP web service. I can do a GET for the WSDL (thus proving I can indeed reach the domain in question). But if I change my request to a POST with a SOAP payload, I get an error. (LogCat shows "Internal Server Error" in the error callback function.)

I've seen posts and documentation on how cross-domain POSTs aren't prohibited using PhoneGap, but in my emulator it's not being allowed. Any thoughts on what I may be missing?

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well, embarrasingly enough, it was indeed hitting the server. (you would think an error like 'internal server error' would clue one in :-) my jquery error callback simply wasn't showing me the fault details. so i put a sniffer on it to verify, and that's how i found out that the traffic was going through. and for what it's worth, i was missing the SOAPAction HTTP header, thus the error. – dlgrasse Nov 14 '11 at 21:17

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See my comment above. Hopefully others will learn from this if they get unknown web-service errors. (always use SoapUI to verify correct content, and use a sniffer to double-check your own POST)

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