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I have an issue with a jquery image slide plugin i'm working on where the images scroll left creating the slideshow. IE and FireFox work fine but Safari/Chrome(WebKit) just wont work.

This the call in question

    $(".nav li").live("click", function () {
    if (lastSelected != null) $(lastSelected).removeClass("selected");
    place = parseInt($(this).text());
    if (place > last) {
        offset = parseInt(place - last);
        direction = "-=";
    else {
        offset = parseInt(last - place);
        direction = "+=";

// this is where it only works for IE and FF

    $(".slideshow img").each(function () {
            left: direction + (offset * imageWidth) + "px"

// Am I doing something wrong hmm?

    reset = true;
    last = place;
    lastSelected = $(this);
}).css("cursor", "pointer");
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can you give us a demo using an online tool like so we can test it more easily ? – fflorent Nov 12 '11 at 14:22

what is this lastSelected

are you sure


is working ???


lastSelected is an `object` not an attribute

try this (assume you have an id attribute)

lastSelected = $(this).attr('id');


if (lastSelected != null) $('#'+lastSelected).removeClass("selected");
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Thanks Kanish, As you can see in the code lastSelect gets changed to $(this) which is the current object, on the next run it is the last object. This works fine. So I have been doing some debugging an have found that the (offset * imageWidth) stays 0 in WebKit browsers(Safari/Chrome), I have modified the code in question a little which is now live here: I don't understand why the value isn't working in WebKit browsers; so thats where i'm going to look, fingers crossed. – JeffreyJ Nov 13 '11 at 3:31
So some more debugging has found that imageWidth is not getting the image width in WebKit Browers. I also found out that a WebKit fix would be to put the image width in the <img> tag. I would prefer a dynamic solution and wont close this thread until I get a better solution. – JeffreyJ Nov 13 '11 at 5:38
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So I have been doing some debugging an have found that the offset * imageWidth stays 0 in Chrome!

Solution found:

  1. Get real image width and height with Javascript in Safari/Chrome?

These two sources help fix the "jQuery get image height or width returns 0 problem" which was the initial problem. I am now using the fix found in the first solution above and that works fine.

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